Fitness Coordinator Profile- Aldo Bravo

Fitness Coordinator Profile- Aldo Bravo

ALDO BRAVO — JPRA’s Fitness Coordinator & Instructor Short Circuit

Aldo became a certified group fitness instructor in 2004 when he was advised he had high blood pressure. Fitness is a way for him to promote and maintain his own good health.

In 2009, Aldo joined the JPRA fitness program as the Monday evening step/cardio instructor, which was the only type of class he taught early in his fitness instruction. Over the years, he has expanded his range to include cardio circuit, Tabata, interval training, and weight and strength training.

Aldo’s favourite workout is weight training and he teaches his class at a high intensity level. He  encourages his participants to challenge themselves and to move their intensity level up in each class. He also likes to build in some unpredictability in his classes. Just when you think you’re finished with that routine . . . .! And, of course, he may use a short simple round of stepping to get you warmed up.

In 2012, Aldo became the Coordinator for JPRA’s Fitness Program, a position that he holds today. He creates seasonal fitness sessions that provide a workout for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. He ensures that qualified and committed instructors are available to teach in the program.

Whether its weight lifting, stepping, cardio moves or Tabata, Aldo wants new participants to understand that “you and your body have to learn how to do cardio moves and how to lift weights correctly. Give yourself time. This is a commitment.” He has made the commitment for over 14 years now.

One area that Aldo enjoys most about fitness is building relationships with participants over a long period and developing a social connection with his participants. Many people have been attending his classes for several years, coming back for the challenge he offers in each of his classes, pushing you to take your workout to the next level.

Aldo’s favourite post-workout meal: Chicken, roasted sweet potatoes. He doesn’t actually watch what he eats!



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