Fitness Instructor Profile- Peter Staniforth

Fitness Instructor Profile- Peter Staniforth

PETER STANIFORTH – Instructor — Body Blast-Core Strong

Peter is both a certified group strength fitness (for over 10 years) and Mossa Core instructor (a workout offering a new training techniques). He also teaches group fitness to the visually impaired for the City of Ottawa at the Jack Purcell Community Centre.

Peter took up fitness as a way to relieve the tension in his high-stress job. He decided that he wanted to be an instructor after taking several core and strength classes at the YM-YWCA. He also does triathlons, half marathons and is an avid cross-country and alpine skier. He bikes, he swims, he trains, and he does the annual 3K Bring on the Bay nonstop swim across the Ottawa River.

Peter first joined JPRA as the early-morning Boot Camp instructor in October 2011. In fall 2017, he taught a Tuesday evening Total Body Strength-Core class as part of the Fitness Program. He loves adding variety in his workouts offering circuit training, sports conditioning, Tabata and strength training. He also likes to introduce lots of equipment or fitness “toys” as he calls them, setting up the room with different equipment from his bag of toys. He’ll also add partner group workouts that move the intensity level up another notch in his classes. Because his favourite type of workout is core, Peter dedicates at least 15 minutes of each class that focuses on working core/abdominal muscles.

He likes to coach and uses a down-to-earth and enthusiastic approach in his teaching style. The bottom line for Peter: he wants participants to have fun, enjoy themselves , have a good workout and be introduced to as much variety in the workout and in the range of equipment that he can fit into each hour.

His favourite post-workout meal: “depends on the workout and how hard you worked.” But soon after a race, Peter always ensures a good protein intake as part of his recovery process.


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