Energy Dance

Energy Dance

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  • Jack Purcell Recreation Association

Hate the thought of exercising but know you should? Try Energy Dance. This class offers a dance workout, set to a variety of musical styles, that is open to everyone no matter what your fitness level or age.

The choreographed dance routines are designed to get the body moving and the heart pumping.  The dance routines are geared to people who like to dance but who are not necessarily trained dancers.  You move to every type of music from rock ‘n roll, to blues, folk and country.  You’ll even get some zydeco and jazz.

There’s a warm up, including body awareness and some Pilates-based core work, a cool-down, some stretching and some relaxation at the end of the workout.  This is a fun and friendly way to get fit and stay healthy.

Jody Benjamin has been dancing  since she could stand up.  For her, it’s the joy of moving to music — any music.  She studied ballet and jazz from a young age and has her own band Ball and Chain.  Since 2009, she has been the director of the two Ottawa chapters of Shout Sister Choir.  She also runs her own home maintenance business called Mrs. Fixit.

Jody began teaching her unique exercise dance program in 1981, originally called Dance Aerobics.  She has been delivering her dance-as-exercise classes to her JPRA clients for over 33 years.  She continues to express her love of dancing and moving to music through her Energy Dance Program.


Purchase a 10-Visit Pass for $60.00 (+ HST). You can use it over the duration of the session to drop into any Energy Dance class.
(Passes will not be prorated and are non-transferable to another session. Passes cannot be purchased online.)

PLEASE NOTE: You can register for an Energy Dance class any time during the session. Fees are prorated after three weeks from the start of the program.

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