Energy Dance

Energy Dance

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Don’t like the thought of exercising but can’t face the music? Try this approach! It’s so much fun, you won’t even realize that you are exercising!

It’s a friendly dance class that people with a wide range of fitness levels and dance abilities can enjoy. Using a variety of musical styles for inspiration, the class starts with a thorough warm up, including body awareness, stretching and some pilates based core strength work.
The real fun begins with choreographed dances designed to get the body moving and the heart pumping. This is the main focus of the class. The dances are geared to people who like to dance but are not necessarily trained dancers. It’s great agility training. There is lots of variety in the music and the movements. The content changes every two weeks so you’re not doing the same thing every class. Jody gives individual coaching where ever possible. You will be dancing to everything from rock and roll, blues, folk and country to zydeco and jazz. You will NOT hear any dance-mix, hip-hop or rap.
The cool down is an enjoyable dance sequence designed to keep you moving gently while your heart rate slows and there is always a little more stretching and finally a few moments of relaxation at the end. The overall result is rejuvenation with a smile.
Jody Benjamin has been teaching this class since 1981 and has a loyal and friendly following. Her approach results in happy faces and relaxed bodies.
It’s a fun and friendly way to fitness and health. You won’t want to miss a class.

Winter Special Offer:

Purchase a 10-Visit Pass for $60.00 (+ HST). You can use it over the duration of the session to drop into any Energy Dance class.
(Passes will not be prorated and are non-transferable to another session. Passes cannot be purchased online.)

PLEASE NOTE: You can register for an Energy Dance class any time during the session. Fees are prorated.

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