Wednesday Night Social Dance

This hour offers a well-rounded workout that incorporates simple and fun choreographed dance routines set to a variety of musical styles. Each class includes a warm-up, stretching and abdominal work and a cool-down.

NOTE: During first two weeks, drop-ins are accepted. No new participants after two weeks unless approved by the instructor.

Instructor: Jody Benjamin
Cost: Three times a week: $119
Twice a week: $103
Drop-in fee: $6.00
Day: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Date: Sep 07 - Dec 14, 2011
Time: 5:30 - 6:30 pm

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  • Youth Night – January 26th

    Hungry…. Hungry… HIPPOS!!!!

    If you loved the board game, then you will love this human sized game of Hungry Hungry Hippos!

  • Youth Night – January 19th 2018

    Video Game Night AND Pizza PARTY ­- Bean bags, pizza, Video Games and Friends What more can you ask for! New addition of XBOX 360!

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    Child Care Receipts for tax purposes will be generated by the 31st of January, 2018.
    Please refer to the JPRA policy under 'About Us' section for more information..

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