Fall Tennis Workshops

Fall Tennis Workshops

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  • Jack Purcell Recreation Association

You’ll get additional practice time in these workshops to develop your swing and work on various strokes. Each week, there will be a different stroke to focus on: forehand and backhand topspin, overhead smash and the groundstroke slice. You’ll also have a chance to improve your volley and serve.

Workshop topics:
Class #1:  Forehand and Backhand Groundstrokes
Class#2:   Forehand and Backhand Volleys along with the overhead smash
Class#3:   Serve and Return
Class#4:   Matchplay, scoring and tactics

Please note:  all make up classes will be held on the tennis courts behind the Jack Purcell Community Centre

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  • Youth Night – October 26th

    Friday Night = Fright Night!
    This spooktacular night will not disappoint with activities and candy! Our annual youth night Costume Contest is a must!

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